ELOG works with partners in government, civil society, private sector and the general public. The diversification of partnerships is critical to ELOG to ensure broad based observation, both long term and also on the election day.  The Member Organizations are;

1. Catholic Justice and Peace Commission (CJPC)

The Catholic Justice and Peace Commission(CJPC) was formed in 1988 as the executive arm of the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops(KCCB) on matters of peace and justice.The CJPC works to fulfil one of KCCB objectives, that is,to promote justice and challenge oppressive structures in society.


The Centre for Governance and Development (CGD) is a policy research and advocacy not-for-profit organization. It envisions an informed and democratic society that is prosperous, equitable and committed to the rule of law. CGD's mission is to empower citizens, civil society organizations (CSOs), Government, and representative institutions for an equitable and democratic society through partnership building, research, capacity-building and advocacy.


CRECO Trust is a network of civil society organizations that belong to the broad human rights, governance and democracy category of NGOs. CRECO was founded in 1998, even though its history dates as far back as 1992 when NGOs involved in human rights, democracy and governance begun to proliferate. CRECO's membership comprises 23 CSOs united in the vision of a just society. CRECO is committed to promoting constitutionalism, democratic governance and institutional excellence through coordination and capacity building of CSOs


ECJP is a faith based, non-governmental organization based in Gboko, Benue State. into Conflict Management & Peace Building, Agric & Cmty Dev. Health edu.


The Institute for Education in Democracy (IED) is a non- profit making Non-Governmental Organization which provides non-partisan contribution and leadership in the democratization and governance processes in Kenya and Africa region through programmes in the Electoral Process, Civic/Voter Education, and Research and Dissemination.


The Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA) – Kenya is the premier women's rights organization in Kenya and has in 30 years offered direct legal aid services to over 300,000 women and positively impacted in structural, institutional, and legal reforms within Kenya to ensure gender sensitivity and responsiveness.


NCCK is a fellowship of protestant churches and christian organizations registered in Kenya with a secretariat in Kenya's Capital,Nairobi


The united Disabled Persons of Kenya (UDPK) is the umbrella organization of persons with Disabilities in Kenya. It brings together disabled people organizations countrywide representing all categories of Disabilities.


SUPKEM was established to carry out and discharge in every way possible the obligations, duties and responsibilities Muslims owe as a Community to Islam and bring about the spirit of brotherhood and unity among Muslims in Kenya


The Youth Agenda (YAA) is a premier youth organization that works towards a 'Just, Equitable and Progressive society in which young people fully enjoy social, economic and political rights and opportunities'.

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