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On 11th December 2012, the Supreme Court of Kenya delivered a majority decision that the realization of the two-thirds gender principle under Article 81 (b) is progressive. In its ruling, the Supreme Court directed that Parliament is under an obligation to have a framework on realization of the two third Gender Rule by27th August 2015. The Hon. Attorney General Githu Muigai had filed a request in the Supreme Court for an Advisory Opinion as to whether the two-thirds gender principle was to be realized by the first general elections (under the new Constitution) i.e. in March 2013, or over a…
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The family is the first cell of human society and, therefore, it is of unique importance to the Church and to the nation. It is the family that sends out sons and daughters to build up human society. Read more here.. Source CJPC Website (Photo: CJPC)
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Kijitabu hiki ni tafsiri ya Kiswahili ya Kanuni zinazoongoza Biashara na Haki za Binadamu: Katika Utekelezaji wa mpango wa Umoja wa Mataifa wa "kulinda, kuheshimu na kurekebisha" ulioandaliwa na Mwakilishi Maalum wa Katibu Mkuu kwenye masuala ya Haki za Binadamu na Makapuni Makubwa na Biashara nyingine. Kwa mengi.. Source CRECO Website (Photo: CRECO)
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The systemic under-representation of women in national and local legislatures has led many countries to adopt gender quotas as an affirmative action measure. Gender quotas - defined as any measure that specifies a certain level of political representation based on sex - are a common tool in national legislatures. Quotas are particularly common in Africa, 42 of the continent’s countries have some form of quota in place, and have been written into many national constitutions following periods of political transition. Read full story here.. Source IED Website (Photo: IED Africa)

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